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. and there was no escaping the heat in new york city today. the big apple was transformed into a hot concrete jungle. temperatures as high as 95. anny is on the weather terrace for top. what's going on for us here at home? >> it's going to get crazy hot. it's hot and humid today, but nothing compared to what we are see. i will show you what's happening out to the far west of us. in the midwest and plains where we have heat advisories and heat warnings in effect right now, including chicago, st. louis, kansas city, temperatures there well into the upper 90s. minneapolis 97 degrees. kansas city 94. you factor in the humidity, it feels well into 100. we'll get some of that the ladder half of this week. and a chance for storms. here's a look at doppler radar. look to the north of us around pennsylvania where we got storms firing up. we could see some of that late tonight, generally after midnight and more so tomorrow afternoon. now right now temperatures around downtown, 91 degrees. gaitherings burg 88. culpeper 91. annapolis you're at 87 degrees and it feels like, once you factor in the humidity, mid
. >>> big news in football. >> the owners and players have agreed to agree. believe that. find out what progress is made today and when we can expect this lockout to be over. plus the nationals with some late inning excitement in l.a. and the castles won, both making history. that and more coming up next in sports. >>> after two more days of uncertainty regarding the nfl lockout, it looks like the season is a go. according to espn talks continued today and a plan is in place to allow the players executive committee to vote on monday, recommending that the cba proposal be accepted and the players union recertify. this means players will report to camp as early as wednesday and place their vote at that time to recertify. that recertification expected to be done by friday. the players association needs a 50% plus one vote majority to begin the recertification process. now, the plan agreed upon by both sides also states that free agency can begin the day after the union recertifies. so if all goes according to plan, the teams can begin signing free agents and rookies saturday, july 30th at
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2